This is our FAQ. Please look through and if you still have any questions please use the Contact Us page to call or email us your questions and/or comments.

What does Gilco distribute?

Gilco is a distributor of quality oil products. We distribute to companies and the public.

Can I pick product up from your location?

Yes, we allow our customers to pick up products from our site. Walk in customers are welcome, or you can navigate to the Contact Us page and give us a call or email to place an order.

Free delivery?

We do provide free deliver for orders over $250.

How long until my order ships?

Most orders ship within 2-3 days.

Are bulk orders available?

Yes, we do have bulk orders available, they are delivered on Monday and Wednesday.

Do you sell case lots to the public?

Yes, we sell case lots to the public

Do you sell special orders?

We will work with our customers to get them the products they need. If you have any questions let us know and we will do what we can to insure the product is delivered in a timely manner.