Joe Gillespie of Boyd, TX didn’t know that his Christmas Eve layoff from General Dynamics in 1958 would eventually lead him to the helm of his own business, Gilco Lubricants, Inc., a wholesale and retail oil supplier. Following his layoff, Gillespie worked several years for oil refiners before acquiring his own company in Rhome in 1966. Just two years later he bought out Cook’s Oil Co. in Fort Worth and moved his operations to 206 County Road 4384, between Boyd and Decatur.

In 1987 the Gillespies changed the name from Cook’s Oil Co. to Gilco Lubricants, Inc. In 1984, they became a Shell distributor and offered an expanded product line. Joe’s son, Mark, is Gilco’s vice president and now oversees the day-to-day operation of the company. He said they sell passenger car motor oil, heavy duty motor oil, hydraulic oils, as well as industrial oil. “We have our own private label under the Gilco name. It is a full line of API rated Premium products that we blend and package for convenience and grocery stores, along with other businesses” said Mark. 

Gilco Lubricants has changed as the industry evolved, and although they no longer re-refine products, they are active in the waste oil market as Specialty Environmental Services of Texas. SES of TX picks up waste oil and used oil filters for recycling and sold to the Fuel Oil Burners market. SES of TX operates under the guidelines of the Federal and State requirements.

The Gillespies are a hands-on family that works hard to ensure they provide a quality product and meet the needs of their customers in a timely manner. Mark grew up in the family business. He started going to work with his Dad at the age of 8 years old helping to package oil as well as to deliver it. “Back then the oil was packaged by hand to meet company deadlines” said Mark. Now over 40 years later Mark is operating with a staff of 14 employees.

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