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Gilco Premium 10W40

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Gilco Multigrade Motor Oil provides high quality engine protection under all driving conditions and is specifically formulated to provide extra protection against the harmful effects of city driving, where cars undergo a higher stress due to constant stopping and going.   Sold in 12 quarts per case, bulk, 55 gallon drum and 5 gallon pail.


Gilco provide superb performance for today’s gasoline powered cars, light trucks and vans. TruSouth oils are formulated to promote clean engines with excellent control of sludge and other engine deposits that form because of high engine temperatures and combustion exhaust. Group II base oils and modern additive technology are used to reduce engine wear and extend engine life.

  • All Meet API SM, Quality and previous API gasoline classifications SL SJ, SH, and SG.
  • 5W20, 5W30, and 10W30 meet SM GF-4
  • 5W20, 5W30, 10W30 meet ILSAC GF-4 classification.
  • Resistance against viscosity breakdown in severe environments
  • Flows easily at low temperatures, reducing wear at start up
  • Provides excellent protection to critical turbo components
  • Improves fuel economy in new and old vehicles
  • Check owner’s manual for proper SAE grade and classification.

CAUTION: Continuous contact with used motor oil has caused skin cancer in laboratory animals. Keep out of reach of children