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Shell AeroShell® Oil 15W-50 Multigrade 12/1 QT

Posted: Aug 31, 2010 4:48 PM
Updated: Oct 30, 2012 10:04 AM

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AeroShell Oil Multigrade 15W-50 is the premium oil for your aircraft.

Semi-Synthetic Ashless Dispersant Engine Oil

Aeroshell Oil W 15 - W50 is a premium semi-synthetic multigrade ashless dispersant oil specifically developed for aviation piston engines. AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 is a special blend of a high quality mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbons with an advanced additive package that has been specifically formulated for multigrade applications. The combination of non-metallic anti-wear additives and selected high viscosity index mineral and synthetic base oils, give exceptional stability, dispersancy and anti-foaming performance. The advanced additive package in AeroShell W 15W-50 provides excellent protection to engines operating at extreme ambient temperatures. The ashless anti-wear additive package provides exceptional wear protection for camshafts and lifters and other wearing surfaces. AeroShell W 15W-50 has become very popular amongst engine manufacturers and operators alike. In order to cater for those Lycoming engines that need improved load carrying, the Lycoming LW 16702 antiwear additive has been incorporated into the formulation thus eliminating the need for supplemental additive addition.  Sold in 12 quarts per case, 6 gallons per case.


Product Benefits:


Promotes Engine Cleanness. The non-ash forming, polymeric additive was developed to eliminate the harmful combustion chamber deposits that occur during normal operation.

Multigrade Performance allows for improved engine operation in temperature extremes.

Excellent Low Temperature characteristics provide easier cold weather starting and rapid lubrication of engine parts.

Reduces Oil Consumption in some cases by up to 50% and resists thickening at low temperatures.

Protects against oil cooler plugging.

All Season oil function since there is no need to change from a winter / summer grade depending on the ambient temperatures.

High Viscosity Index Semi-Synthetic Base Oils used, maintain their viscosity and protect engine components more effectively under the high shear stresses that an engine places on lubricants.

Provides Compatibility with other approved aircraft piston engine oils. Since AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 is fully approved to SAE J-1899 and is listed on the relevant Qualified Products List (QPL), elaborate precautions are not needed when changing from similarly approved aircraft engine oils, as long as these oils are qualified products.

Reduces Fuel Consumption by up to 5% over straight grade engine oils.

Health and Safety.


AeroShell W 15W-50 is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application, and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained.


For further guidance on Product Health & Safety refer to the appropriate Shell Material Safety Data Sheet.