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Specialty Environmental Services of Texas

Specialty Environment Services of TX is an environmentally friendly company providing the highest quality of service in the industry making SES of TX the best choice to assist your organization in a variety of matters including used oil management, used oil filter recycling and used antifreeze.

Our used oil program has been put together to help minimize the generators cradle-to-grave liability. We test, manifest, and retain samples of oil that leave our facility for the on-spec fuel market to be burned for energy recovery. SES of TX will retain these samples of used oil on record for three years. We have received a perfect on site audit record from the TCEQ for the past ten years. SES of TX is here to protect you "The Generator" of waste oil stream's to be certified as a non-hazardous material.

The used filters and used antifreeze are recycled. All of the parts of the filter are reused to save the environment and limited resources. The used antifreeze is recycled for use in the automotive industry.
We look forward to serving your business.

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Phone: 940 - 433 - 5120
Fax: 940 - 433 - 2219
206 CR 4384
Decatur, TX 76234