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Used Oil Management


SES of TX has developed one of the top used oil management programs in the nation by helping reduce generator liability through tracking, analysis, and regulatory compliance. SES of TX also maintains one of the highest levels of financial assurances that include general liability insurance and pollution prevention insurance.

The SES of TX program begins with the generator certification and service agreement. The SES of TX representative will obtain a representative sample of the generator tank to perform various analytical tests to ensure that the used oil meets the EPA Used Oil specification. After the sample is cleared, the collection of the material by our trained staff occurs on a scheduled route. They begin each collection by performing a combustible gas/halogen screening to ensure quality of the used oil stream. After the collection occurs, a shipping paper is left with the generator. The product will be received into the nearest SES of TX facility where a daily truck sample is taken and retained. Used oil is off-loaded into a storage tank and a representative sample is submitted to our laboratory for analysis under 40 CFR 279.11. After the testing is complete and the used oil is certified as on-specification fuel it will be marketed as such. SES of TX retains all samples received by our laboratory for three years. The customer is then provided with an invoice that includes the analytical data for the used oil collections.

• Comprehensive prescreening and education prior to service
• Quality, predictable, reliable service
• Real chain of custody documentation
• EPA/RCRA/DOT compliant
• Clean, permitted, tested facilities and equipment

Used automotive products such as used oil filters, used oil absorbents and used antifreeze can present your company with many potential liabilities if disposed of improperly. SES of TX has developed a program to minimize these liabilities and recycle each of these used products.